For James.

I listened to this today, looking out into the sea. Watching the boats set sail into the Mediterranean. Floating on top of waves that probably came from your home.  Thinking about you.

la plus belle.

(Source: Spotify)

why can’t I just live inside this song forever?

Paris Je T’aime.

The most touching scene, in my humble opinion.

I fucking love her atrocious accent.

Today’s most-beautiful-song-that-was-ever-written:

francoise hardy - ce petit coeur


oui mais moi…

Francoise Hardy - Des ronds dans l’eau

Today’s most-beautiful-song-that-was-ever-written.

A Paris!!!!

(y a pas d’parking…)

Hey, Johnny Jane. Te souviens-tu du film de Gainsbourg “Je T’aime”?